PSB Story

Our Mission

Park State Bank is a full service financial institution that treats all customers and their assets with respect, is committed to the financial well-being of our customers, and provides quality personal service alongside affordable products. 

Our Values

  • We believe every dollar counts. Every customer deserves quality service and affordable banking products. We believe our customers deserve access to their money without charge. 
  • We believe in economic sustainability. We buy the products and services we need from our customers first, then from vendors and providers as close to our place of business as possible. We make an effort to refer our customers to those business and service providers who are our customers. 
  • We believe in lending money in the communities from which we collect deposits. It's the law; it's our philosophy.

Our History

Park State Bank has been serving the good people of Minnesota since 1916. Our heritage runs deep in the Morgan Park neighborhood of Duluth, a historic community whose families we have served for generations. Our proud heritage stems from serving the financial needs of the steel workers in the Morgan Park community. In 1997, we built an office in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, where we found an active community of entrepreneurial businesses who find our level of service meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. Our Lincoln Park Office is growing rapidly, now our busiest facility and is slated for our next expansion project. 

Focusing on the independent entrepreneur, we expanded again in 2004 to Minneapolis. The staff in our Nicollet Mall office are providing the community members with quality one-on-one contact and state-of-the-art technology.