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Business Sweeps


Earn around-the-clock, without logging long hours. Sure, the workday spans from 9 to 5. But our sweep accounts keep your bottom line on the rise, long before you rise in the morning.

Simply set a minimum threshold for your business checking account. At the close of each day, excess funds are swept into another Park State Bank account or line of credit to grow overnight. Earnings stay put and continue to build around-the-clock, while the rest of your cash returns to facilitate the day.


  • Linked to your business checking account
  • Funds invested overnight, no extra effort
  • Turn unused cash into additional returns
  • Funds over a set balance are swept into to another PSB account or line of credit
  • Occurs at the end of each business day
  • Funds swept back to primary account each morning
  • Earnings stay put; continue to grow 24/7
  • Optimizes your cash flow
  • Can link to a business line of credit to reduce interest paid